Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich pays tribute to Charlie Watts
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  • Post published:28/08/2021
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(Credit: Ralph Arvesen)

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich pays tribute to Charlie Watts

    Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has joined the tributes for the late Rolling Stones legend Charlie Watts.

    The Rolling Stones drummer passed away earlier this week at the age of 80 and many prominent figures have since celebrated his impact and influence.

    In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Metallica drummer described Watts as a “significant part of [the Rolling Stones’] sound, and an underrated part of their sound”.

    Later adding: “As a Stones fan, it’s sort of the end of at least an era within that band, because he was the only drummer that ever recorded with them”.

    Continuing to remark on Watts’ renowned professionalism, he added: “In a band where the spotlight would go to especially Mick and Keith, a lot of people truly didn’t understand how valuable he was.”

    While Ulrich’s drumming approach might be somewhat different from Watts’ jazz-inspired style, it is a measure of Watts’ influence that Ulrich was still impacted by his playing.

    As he explained: “Charlie has always been that driving force. He could kick these songs and make them swing, make them swagger, still make them have that attitude, that pocket. Seeing him do that way deep into his [’70s] has been such a life-affirming thing.

    “[Metallica are] a good 20, 25 years behind, but it’s given me a lot of faith in the possibilities of what it can continue to be – music, concerts, connecting to fans, connecting to each other as a band. There’s nobody above them on that pyramid, and there’s nobody above Charlie on that pyramid.”


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