Metronomy share brand new EP ‘Posse EP Volume 1’
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  • Post published:19/09/2021
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Metronomy share brand new EP ‘Posse EP Volume 1’

    English indie rockers Metronomy have dropped a brand new EP, Posse EP Volume 1.

    The band had previously teased new material while celebrating the two year anniversary of their most recent full-length LP Metronomy Forever, with vocalist Joe Mount saying, “If you look through the Metronomy discography you’ll see that there’s normally a Metronomy album every two to three years.” It looks as though this was what Mount was referring to.

    The new EP features collaborations from fellow indie artists Pinty, Biig Piig, Sorry, spill tab, Brian Nasty and Folly Group. According to Mount, the collaborations came to pass through a somewhat random outreach to other artists seeing if they had any contributions to which the band could play off of.

    “I thought it would be weird saying, ‘some of these are people I hadn’t previously heard of’, but actually it’s such an amazing way to encounter people and get to know them,” Mount explains. “Receiving back a song from someone you’ve never met before, but they’ve clicked with what you’ve done and done something amazing with it.”

    The EP is an eclectic mashup of Metronomy’s signature electronic-infused indie rock and their collaborator’s respective styles. Heavy on icy synths and drum machines, ‘Uneasy’ is a standout track for its adoption of a warmer and more rock-adjacent groove. The EP as a whole just feels like a fun bit of indulgence, a little bit of easy entertainment not meant to be taken too seriously.

    Check out the new EP down below.


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