Metronomy share new song ‘Things Will Be Fine’
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Metronomy share new song ‘Things Will Be Fine’


    Metronomy – ‘Things Will Be Fine’

    English indie-electronica outfit Metronomy have given us another preview of their upcoming seventh studio album Small World with the release of a brand new song, ‘Things Will Be Fine’.

    If you want an evergreen topic to cover during a global pandemic, then discussing optimism in the face of uncertainty and difficult situations is a pretty solid road to travel down. It’s not exactly “cool” to have a song completely devoid of cynicism or irony, but lines like “the sooner you tell someone the better you will feel, so please put your trust in me” are so genuine and authentic that it’s easy to feel like something good might be around the corner.

    Far closer to standard alternative rock or indie pop than the band usually venture into, Metronomy plug into live acoustic instrumentation like guitars and bongos to bring the light and bouncy arrangement to life. Whether or not you’re buying into the central conceit that everything may actually be alright in the end, it’s hard not to get swept up in the unfettered hopefulness that the band seem intent on communicating. It’s just a sunny, summery good time right in the middle of a bitterly cold winter.

    ‘Things Will Be Fine’ is a great remedy for the New Years blues, and it’s the band’s second radiant single in a row after ‘It’s Good To Be Back’. The latter song was the classic Metronomy sound that fans have come to know well, but ‘Things Will Be Fine’ positions Small World as a more expansive and experimental record, willing to lean into the rock cliches that the group had previously avoided. It sounds good on them.

    Obviously last year’s Posse EP Volume One was just a brief holdover for a full length release. That’s certainly not a bad thing: the more Metronomy, the better. If they want to release a fun, goofy EP every few months in between more serious LPs, I’m definitely not going to complain.

    Check out the official video for ‘Things Will Be Fine’ down below. Small World is set for a February 18th release.

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