Modern Woman shares new single ‘Offerings’
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(Credit: Modern Woman)

Modern Woman shares new single ‘Offerings’

    Modern Woman – ‘Offerings’

    New London-based experimental rock band Modern Woman have shared their debut single ‘Offerings’.

    A psychotic mix of harried indie rock, minimalist punk, and maximalist fury, ‘Offerings’ is not a tepid debut single from a band asking graciously and modestly for your approval. Modern Woman are on full display, and whether you think that’s cool, ugly, bizarre, or anything in between, it doesn’t seem like the band give all that much of a shit. They’re just there to make the music they want to make, complete with bowed strings, aggressive bass tones, and octave jumping vocal lines that could break down into bizarre left turns at any moment.

    I don’t fully know what to make of Modern Woman, if I’m being honest. ‘Offerings’ is a lot to unpack, and for a first taste, it’s about as densely stuffed and full throttle as a debut single can get. But even if I didn’t end up liking the song, which I’m pretty sure I did, I would have to respect how ballsy this band is to get unrepentantly confrontational and experimental on a song that will likely be most people’s first impression of them. That in itself is worth praise.

    The song’s lyrics about a voyeur leaving offerings for their neighbour definitely set the tone for the story,” lead singer Sophie Harris explains about exploring the song’s themes in the Sandra Ebert-directed video. “I wanted the video to match the tension within the song which starts off with this lingering feeling of uneasiness and then builds up to more and more intensity as the story progresses. The title ‘Offerings’ invites you to think of worship imagery, but we didn’t want to interpret things in a direct way and more so hint to references of our visual influences such as The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky and other ’70s surrealist cinema.”

    The new song release also comes with the announcement of a series of UK tour dates that will take the band throughout a number of festivals, including the End of the Road Festival in Salisbury, the Manchester Psych Festival, and both dates of the Stag & Dagger Festival in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    Check out the video for ‘Offerings’, and well as the band’s upcoming shows, down below.

    Modern Woman 2021 UK tour dates:

    • June 19th – London @ Brixton Windmill (matinee + evening)
    • July 17th – London @ Bad Vibrations All Dayer – Studio 9294
    • Aug 7th – Sheffield @ Get Together Festival
    • Sept 3rd-5th – Salisbury @ End of the Road Festival
    • Sept 4th – Manchester @ Manchester Psych Fest
    • Sept 18th – Portsmouth @ Psyched Fest
    • Nov 13th – Glasgow @ Stag & Dagger Festival
    • Nov 14th – Edinburgh @ Stag & Dagger Festival


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