Moog facing a lawsuit over contract breaches and discrimination
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  • Post published:10/09/2021
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(Credit: Moog)

Moog facing a lawsuit over contract breaches and discrimination

    The iconic and pioneering synthesiser company, Moog, is facing a lawsuit for breaching contract stipulations and is being accused of discrimination. 

    In 2019, the company cancelled its annual Moogfest citing logistical reasons. Following that cancellation, however, Moog is being sued for contract breaches regarding the scrapping of that year’s event. 

    A civil suit was filed against the company on August 11th by UG Strategies who were behind the marketing and production of the event contracted back in 2018. 

    This news comes after Moog were already taken to federal court over discrimination claims by a former sales employee earlier this year. 

    UG Strategies have filed their complaint stating that their contract was wrongfully terminated when, essentially, it should have been a rolling contract that was not limited to the cancelled event.

    This termination meant that Moog paid less than half of the service fees that UG Strategies claimed it was owed, thus with the suit they hope to reclaim $25,000 in damages and additional attorney fees.  

    Moog representatives told Pitchfork that the claim is “a baseless lawsuit filed on the eve of the statute of limitations by a company who terminated the contract.”

    It remains to be seen whether the filing will have its day in court, and more is expected from the story in the coming days. 


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