Morrissey describes criticism from Sparks as “fiendish ingratitude”
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Morrissey describes criticism from Sparks as “fiendish ingratitude”

    Morrissey, a musician who appears to be finding headlines in all the wrong places, has again responded to criticism from his contemporaries. This time though, it comes from a band that the former Smiths frontman previously held in the highest regard; Sparks.

    While Morrissey’s political standpoint has prompted many to turn their backs on him, the singer has been quick to shrug off any negativity thrown in his direction. However, past comments from Sparks frontman Russell Mael would undoubtedly cut the deepest.

    Mael, speaking to the Press Association in 2018, stated: “I’m totally in agreement with anybody being disillusioned [with Morrissey] because I am as well,” in response to Morrissey’s far-right political leaning and offensive comments on race relations.

    “It seemed so inconsistent, all these perspectives that he has on those various issues, just stupid, dumb kind of things,” Mael added. “I obviously don’t agree with any of these things. They’re just so ill-conceived and wrong.”

    Morrissey, who has often shown public support for Sparks, cited the band as a major influence on his creative output over the years. Now, as part of a new interview with his nephew, Moz was asked if the falling out with Sparks had upset him, to which he replied: “Amazingly, no, because I’m quite used to it.”

    Adding: “I stood by Sparks for many years and I promoted them in my own humble way whenever I could, and they were famously people without opinions so I was surprised that they kicked me in the teeth. It came across as an almost fiendish ingratitude.

    “Oh, the pain of parting! [laughs]. They will always be important to me as a memory.”

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