Muna release Phoebe Bridgers collab, ‘Silk Chiffon’
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  • Post published:10/09/2021
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Muna release Phoebe Bridgers collab, ‘Silk Chiffon’

    Muna – ‘Silk Chiffon’ ft. Phoebe Bridgers

    California pop rockers Muna have teamed up with indie rock icon Phoebe Bridgers on their latest single and video, ‘Silk Chiffon’.

    Described by the band as “a song for kids to have their first gay kiss to,” ‘Silk Chiffon’ is pure pop bliss. Complete with gigantic hooks and a backing track that sounds like it would be right at home on any summer playlist. Muna pair strummed acoustic guitars with huge choruses for maximum earworm effect.

    The track also does what a bunch of early 2000s songs did, which I will now try to poorly explain: before the second verse, the drums are filtered to sound like they’re being manipulated through a computer, and then transition from lo-fi to hard-hitting right before the verse lands. This effect should (and probably does) have an official name, because I’ve heard it in on OPM’s ‘Heaven is a Half Pipe’, Long Beach Dub All Stars’ ‘Sunny Hours’, and countless other songs from that era. The nostalgia I felt when it came up here was just delightful.

    Just to drive everything home, the video is a direct homage to the 1999 queer cult classic satire But I’m A Cheerleader. I saw the original, with its gonzo performances from Natasha Lyonne, RuPaul, Dreamlander all-star Mink Stole, and a tiny supporting part from a teenaged Michelle Williams, when I was about nine years old and had absolutely no concept of satire, or even queerness for that matter. It was an education.

    The video for ‘Silk Chiffon’ does the film justice, with all its ridiculous slideshows and wood chopping sessions retained for good measure.

    ‘Silk Chiffon’ comes just as Muna are set to accompany Bridgers on her US tour, so it also doubles as a canny piece of cross-promotional synergy. Next year Muna will join up with Kacey Musgraves on her 2022 tour, and they’ll even be playing a show with Bleachers later this month. If those aren’t killer endorsements, I don’t know what is.

    Check out the video for ‘Silk Chiffon’ down below.


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