My Bloody Valentine blast Spotify for showing “completely incorrect and insulting” lyrics
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  • Post published:22/01/2022
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(Credit: Paul Rider)


My Bloody Valentine blast Spotify for showing “completely incorrect and insulting” lyrics

    The entire My Bloody Valentine back catalogue made its triumphant return to streaming platforms last year serving up much-awaited enjoyment for their fans; however, it has recently been discovered that much of the Spotify lyrics are woefully incorrect. 

    Spotify launched the lyric feature for all users in November of 2021, which allowed fans to read along to lyrics while they listen to the band’s songs.

    The shoegazers issued a statement on Twitter: “Just noticed that Spotify has put fake lyrics up for our songs without our knowledge. These lyrics are actually completely incorrect and insulting. We’re not sure where they got them from, probably one of those bullshit lyrics sites on the internet.”

    In May last year, we were blessed with My Bloody Valentine’s discography as it was readded to streaming platforms after signing with Domino records. The group’s music hadn’t been available for live streaming outside the US since 2019. 

    This news came with the additional announcement that Kevin Shields, Colm O’Ciosoig, Bilinda Butcher, and Debbie Googe were soon to be back in Shields’ home studio in Ireland to begin recording their intended two new albums. Shields described one of the records as “warm and melodic”, while the other will be more experimental.

    Vocalist Bilinda Butcher has suggested that the recording of the albums could be completed by the end of 2021, with Shields later confirming the sentiment of urgency: “I don’t want to be 70-something wanting to make the next record after ‘mbv’. I think it’d be cooler to make one now,” he explained.

    See the post, below.

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