Nation of Language share new single ‘A Word and A Wave’
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  • Post published:11/09/2021
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Nation of Language share new single ‘A Word and A Wave’

    Brooklyn indie pop band Nation of Language have shared the latest single from their upcoming LP A Way Forward, ‘A Word and A Wave’.

    Kicking off with spacey oscillating synths, ‘A Word and A Wave’ blends deep drawling post-punk vocals with bright and shiny synthpop sounds. Think of it as a sort of modern take on New Order, without as many explicit electronica and dance influences. Sparse and mellow, ‘A Word and A Wave’ finds the value in the minute details, both musically and lyrically.

    “I was thinking a lot about simple social gestures and how randomly important they can be in key moments,” band member Ian Devaney explains. “How empowering it can feel when someone remembers your name; how slighted you can feel when someone you only kind-of know passes by without acknowledgment.”

    “When writing the song, I kept finding myself imagining this person living in Portland, Maine,” Devaney continues. “It’s never mentioned in the lyrics, but I found myself wishing I could have conveyed the rest of the scene I pictured – a warmly lit room on a calm overcast evening in a small coastal city. When it came time to make the video I saw our chance and decided we would journey up there and follow that vision as much as we could.”

    “The song is a kind of vignette on someone who desperately wants to be the one that makes everyone feel good and has in turn neglected themself,” Devaney concludes. “Trying as hard as they can to be there for people who are barely in their lives, hoping that this will bring meaning and fulfilment, when it really just ends up leaving them emotionally spent and scattered.”

    Check out the lyric video for ‘A Word and A Wave’ down below. A Way Forward is set for a November 5 release.


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