New Alan Vega material announced
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  • Post published:22/01/2022
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(Credit: Sacred Bones)


New Alan Vega material announced

    Sacred Bones Records has stated that they will be releasing music from the late Alan Vega. Vega fans will have the chance to hear ‘Invasion’ and ‘Murder One’, which are both set to arrive on February 25th. 

    ‘Invasion’ was recorded during the sessions for Vega’s posthumous album IT, and is said to be one of the last tunes he recorded. ‘Murder One’ was recorded in the late 1990s, recorded during the sessions for 2007. 

    ‘Invasion’ and ‘Murder One’ are mixed and produced by Liz Lamere, Vega’s widow, and Jared Artaud. The pair supervised the release of Mutator, which was unveiled to the public in 2021. 

    Born Alan Bermowitz, Alan Vega’s band Suicide were hailed for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Their debut, Suicide, was released in 1977 and melded 1950s melody with denser, more electronic tinted production design. The band’s 1978 single, `’Dream Baby Dream`’, was later covered by Neneh Cherry and Bruce Springsteen. The Cars bandleader Ric Ocasek produced their second album, Suicide: Alan Vega and Martin Rev. 

    Vega released his eponymously titled debut in 1980, which featured the single ‘Jukebox Babe’. Unlike the electronic textures of the Suicide albums, ‘Jukebox Babe’ was soaked in a more acoustic texture, leading many to consider it a throwback to the skiffle records of the 1950s. 

    “I had my father’s country-and-western and my mother’s opera, and then I had rock ’n’ roll,” Vega once revealed, “Which I had to listen to under the covers, because they didn’t want me to be into it. Then I got into modern classical. I did the first scratch records of all time, scratching Bartók records to make them more interesting. A friend had a two-track tape recorder, and I started using toy sounds and feedback from guitars, and you could make the tape recorder itself feedback. It was related to being into science, building telescopes and spectroscopes.”

    Vega died in 2016 and, following his passing, Springsteen paid tribute to the songwriter with a post on his Facebook: “Over here on E Street, we are saddened to hear of the passing of Alan Vega, one of the great revolutionary voices in rock and roll. The bravery and passion he showed throughout his career was deeply influential to me.”

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