New Björk album is for people making “clubs in their living room”
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  • Post published:26/10/2021
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(Credit: Björk)


New Björk album is for people making “clubs in their living room”


    During a recent interview, Björk opened up about her next album, sharing details of what listeners can expect. In recent months, the Icelandic pop icon has been working on the follow-up to her last album Utopia, which was released in 2017. The forthcoming LP looks set to cater to home-clubbing in light of the stay-at-home restrictions enforced during the lockdown.

    In an interview with RÚV, Iceland’s national broadcaster, Björk mentioned that her next album – her tenth overall – is “for people who are making clubs at home in their living room, restricted to their ‘Christmas bubble’”.

    Describing the sound of the much-anticipated record, she likened it to “a man who was headbanging, then sat down again and had another glass of red wine, and everyone is home by 10 o’clock, done with the dancing and everything”. Björk has said that most of the songs on the album are around 80-90 beats per minute. Why? because that is the speed she walks at, of course.

    “But in this new album there’s a lot of chill in the first half of the song and a lot of calm in the second half, but when there’s one minute left the song turns into a club,” she added, before going on to talk about her emotional state during the Coivd-19 pandemic. The singer said she has “never had such a great time”, adding that she had “not been that pumped since I was 16. Waking up every day in my bed, always so surprised and grounded and calm,” she said. “We as Icelanders are very lucky because we are doing pretty well compared to other nations that have had to deal with this pandemic.”

    As well as working on her upcoming album, Björk will also continue to tour her immersive theatrical show ‘Cornucopia’ throughout next year. Earlier in the month, she confirmed new Los Angeles dates, which are set to take place in January and February 2022.

    The musician will also return to the UK in July as a headliner at Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory, where she will be backed by non-other than The Hallé Orchestra. The performance will also feature bespoke projections designed to be mapped to the 250-foot Lovell Telescope.

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