Noel Gallagher previews upcoming album with new demo
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  • Post published:03/01/2022
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(Credit: Matt Crockett)


Noel Gallagher previews upcoming album with new demo


    Noel Gallagher, ramping up the anticipation surrounding his upcoming new album from the High Flying Birds, has released a previously unheard demo entitled ‘Trying To Find A World That’s Been And Gone: Part 1’.

    Gallagher, who released a greatest hits album last year, will be sharing his latest full-length record after the former Oasis man confirmed before Christmas that the project was complete.

    The album, which is the first from the High Flying Birds since the 2017 efforts Who Built the Moon?, has been talked up by Gallagher for months: “One is one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever written, it’s got great chords and it’s very, very sad,” he previously told The Matt Morgan Podcast.

    Adding: “In the verses, the music is quite sad and the sentiment in the verses is quite strong, but in the chorus, the music is quite uplifting and the words are quite sad. It’s a fucking great song”.

    Now, discussing the project in more detail, Gallagher said, “So we didn’t actually get there in the end did we?” he confirmed, writing in a mailing list to his fans. “I finished writing/demoing the next NGHFB album about ten days ago,” he added. “Thought you might wanna hear this little piece which – like last year’s offering – sounds quite appropriate for this New Year’s Day”.

    Gallagher concluded by adding: “Hope you had THE BEST night (as much as was allowed anyway) and hopefully we’ll catch up somewhere in the summer.”

    Listen to ‘Trying To Find A World That’s Been And Gone: Part 1 (Demo)’ below.

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