One dead and two injured at Phish concert in San Francisco
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  • Post published:21/10/2021
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(Credit: Hannah Rodrigo)


One dead and two injured at Phish concert in San Francisco


    One man has died and a further two have been severely injured during a Phish concert in San Francisco on Sunday, October 17th.

    Details regarding the incidents remain unclear with the police still investigating exactly what occurred. However, it is believed that all three causalities were caused by falls from a height. 

    The fatality seemingly occurred after a man fell from the upper tier of the venue, and in an unrelated incident, a second man also fell injuring both himself and the person he fell onto. Thankfully, it is believed that both injured parties are making a recovery. 

    One tweet posted by someone from the venue read: “Wife and I went to a new spot across the arena, still up high, to try to move on and saw ANOTHER guy fall off a barricade. Accidental this time. Shorter distance. But still – 20 feet onto concrete on his back. He is getting medical help now. We are shaken up, heading home early.”

    The San Francisco police department seemed to ratify this statement and confirmed it was unconnected to the second fall. “Immediately before the victim leapt, he did not appear to have any physical contact with any person or barrier/railing,” Officer Grace Gatpandan recently said in a statement.

    The fatal fall occurred at around 9pm with the 47-year-old victim shortly being announced dead after fans franticly sought medical assistance. 

    The concert, however, continued despite several distraught audience members vacating the arena, only for a second similar incident to occur 45 minutes later.

    The second incident involved yet another fall from the second tier, but this time it was luckily from a lower section. Both the faller and the man who broke the fall were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  

    A spokesperson for the venue told the San Francisco Chronicle: “Chase Center was built and is operated in accordance with all safety standards and requirements governing facilities of its kind in the state of California and the city and county of San Francisco.”

    Further investigations are continuing to decipher exactly how two incidents of this kind could occur on the same evening in a completely unrelated fashion and determine measures to prevent such incidents from reoccurring. 


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