Orlando Weeks announces new album ‘Hop Up’ and shares latest single
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(Credit: Cal McIntyre)

Orlando Weeks announces new album ‘Hop Up’ and shares latest single

    Over the course of the summer, Orlando Weeks has very casually been dishing out some of the best “top-down” blissed-out music that Far Out has heard for some time. Now, at long last, it looks like they’ll have an album to call home that we can all play the hell out of. 

    To launch the announcement of Hop Up, Weeks has also released a brand-new single titled ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’. You can check out the sunny little ditty below with its glorious toe-tapping Rusted Roots vibe.

    In a chat with NME, the frontman remarked: “It started with the idea of wanting to fill in some of the blanks that I felt I had left with A Quickening, but quite quickly it turned into something broader.”

    Later adding: “The choice was always to take the more positive and uplifting sounding step. Perhaps it shouldn’t have, but as an approach it felt surprisingly novel to me.”

    Regarding his latest single, the former Maccabees man announced: “[It’s] a love song. A song about expectations being fulfilled and exceeded. About knowing what’s coming and still being exultant when it actually happens.”

    And for fellow eager fans, the wait is a relatively long one, but it certainly isn’t untenable; besides if it’s anything like The Gritterman or A Quickening then it’ll be worth the wait. Hop Up is set for release on January 14th, 2022.

    You can check out the tracklisting below and preorder the album by clicking here.

    Hop Up tracklisting:

    1. ‘Deep Down Way Out’
    2. ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’
    3. ‘Bigger’
    4. ‘Yup Yup Yup Yup’
    5. ‘High Kicking’ (featuring Willie J Healey)
    6. ‘No End To Love’
    7. ‘Hey You Hop Up’
    8. ‘Make You Happy’
    9. ‘Big Skies Silly Faces’ (featuring Katy J Pearson)
    10. ‘Silver’
    11.‘Way To Go’


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