Orlando Weeks shares new track ‘Big Skies, Silly Faces’
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  • Post published:19/06/2021
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(Credit: Cal McIntyre)

Orlando Weeks shares new track ‘Big Skies, Silly Faces’

    Orlando Weeks – ‘Big Skies, Silly Faces’

    Orlando Weeks has returned with his dreamy new track, ‘Big Skies, Silly Faces.’

    The former Maccabees frontman stepped into solo territory last year with his debut album, A Quickening. He’s not left it long before offering up new music once more, and Weeks takes another glance at fatherhood which is a theme that dominated his debut.

    His second solo album aims to celebrate the brighter side of fatherhood, which Weeks feels like he didn’t give enough attention to on his debut, and ‘Big Skies, Silly Faces’ is a taster of what is to come. After touring was halted last year, Weeks got straight back into the studio and has created another record for us to devour.

    Weeks enlisted the help of vocals from Katy J Pearson, who harmonises fluently with his tone. The piece of music is bizarrely influenced by the Mike Leigh film Nuts in May, which aired on the BBC back in 1976, and is a comical story of a weekend away where everything goes wrong.

    “There’s something about that that’s always stayed with me,” he says, “the very English absurdity of making the most of a situation. The desperation for any potential silver lining. Really though I think ‘Big Skies, Silly Faces’ is about how I can be my own worst enemy.”

    On the track, Weeks finds himself in a reflective mood and ponders, “No stopping the sky, High as it’s wide, My mind against my, My better thinking, Know the feeling but wonder why.”

    Despite the dark self-loathing subject matter, ‘Big Skies, Silly Faces’ is an uplifting effort that successfully sees Weeks manage to navigate his way to the light. Weeks’ voice is a unique delight on the track, and although he has a new vehicle for his music, he’s still is stretching his voice in the glorious ways he did with The Maccabees.


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