Oscar Lang shares new single ‘Thank You’
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  • Post published:13/07/2021
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(Credit: Jordan Curtis Hughes)

Oscar Lang shares new single ‘Thank You’

    Oscar Lang – ‘Thank You’

    London based artist/multi-instrumentalist Oscar Lang has shared a brand new single ‘Thank You’.

    The song comes as the latest taste of his forthcoming debut LP Chew the Scenery. We’ve been all over Chew the Scenery and its singles, including ’21st Century Hobby’, ‘Are You Happy’, and ‘Stuck’, all three of which were pretty great.

    Lang keeps the winning streak going with ‘Thank You’. Another indelible indie-rock cut from an artist who is steadily becoming an expert in these kinds of things, ‘Thank You’ shows off Lang’s ability to fish pop hooks out of the fuzzy alternative rock ether.

    The song is a good-natured kiss-off to a former love that actually, genuinely, honestly takes the high road, something that’s damn near impossible to do in real life, much less in song. “It’s hard to forget the something that we had/But I’m happy for you I can swear that’s the truth.”

    There’s no bitterness or sarcasm in ‘Thank You’. Its jubilant energy filters the sadness of a breakup through a matured perspective and contentedness. Even when Lang admits that he messed up by letting this person go and ruminates on the parts of him that this person took from him, there’s no anger in his words.

    Instead, Lang focuses on how much better he became thanks to the relationship, and how his growth is something that he can carry along with him. It’s a remarkably sensible and level-headed response, especially considering how pop music doesn’t necessarily favour sagacious responses to break-ups.

    We’re barreling towards the release of Chew the Scenery, which will come out in August. I’d be surprised if Lang chose to release the fifth single before the album itself is dropped, but I wouldn’t be upset. Every song is one I liked more than the last, and now Chew the Scenery is high on my anticipated summer releases.

    Check out the official video for ‘Thank You’ down below. Chew the Scenery is out on August 13.


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