Pa Salieu and Slowthai pair up for new song ‘Glidin’
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  • Post published:07/06/2021
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(Credit: Jack Bridgland)

Pa Salieu and Slowthai pair up for new song ‘Glidin’

    Pa Salieu – ‘Slidin’ (ft. slowthai)

    Coventry’s favourite son, Pa Salieu, has paired up with fellow forward-thinking rapper Slowthai for his latest single ‘Glidin’.

    Much like Salieu himself, ‘Glidin’ is an amalgam of different genres and tastes. Part reggaeton toasting, part drill, part alternative rap, ‘Glidin’ pulses with the same energy that comes from driving as fast as possible with the windows down and the radio blaring: danger, tension, and defiance, but also exuberant joy and untethered freedom.

    Complete with a new video directed by KC Locke, whose prior work includes videos for Stormzy and Ed Sheeran, ‘Glidin’ brings to life the singular aesthetic and personality that comes in audio form through every single one of his songs. Synthesizing the bright, bold, and untamable enthusiasm that is quickly becoming Salieu’s signature, the video presents both him and Slowthai at their coolest, slickest, and silliest.

    For his part, Slowthai puts the breaks on some of his more insightful commentary that often finds its way into his raps and instead goes straight for the Hennessy on the top shelf. Put away the politics: it’s Friday, which means it’s time for a party.

    Even as the party continues to rage, Salieu manages to slip in some age advice. “You don’t wanna die for this shit/You should feed your mother and that/Stop trappin/Go get a day job and dat”. Imagine those words coming out of his mouth and not mine: I’m both painfully white and painfully American, so I’m statistically the last person who should rap along to this song.

    The accolades between the two artists are plentiful enough to fill up an entire china cabinet, the most notable being Salieu’s 2021 BBC Sound of… poll win that slotted him as Britain’s hottest new talent (at least according to the Beeb). Admittedly, it’s hard to argue with: Salieu keeps cranking out awesomely wacky and infectiously memorable songs, and his collaboration with slowthai finds two hot-as-hell artists working at the top of their game.

    Check out the video for ‘Glidin’ down below.


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