Parquet Courts release new song ‘Homo Sapien’
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  • Post published:21/10/2021
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Parquet Courts release new song ‘Homo Sapien’


    Parquet Courts – ‘Homo Sapien’

    New York art punks Parquet Courts have released a brand new song, ‘Homo Sapien’.

    In just a few days, the foursome will release their seventh LP, Sympathy for Life. Coming on the heels of the band’s 10th anniversary, Sympathy for Life contains the previously released single ‘Walking at a Downtown Pace’ and ‘Black Widow Spider’.

    So far we’ve gotten three A. Savage vocals from the upcoming LP. In the band’s initial releases, Savage would trade lead vocals with fellow guitarist/songwriter Austin Brown at a roughly 50/50 split, but the band’s previous LP Wide Awake! featured just three Brown vocal turns. This might have something to do with Brown spending more time at the mixing console during the band’s initial jam sessions, something that Savage acknowledged by calling Brown “the control master of the jam”.

    Not that I’m complaining, I might add. Savage is probably the most recognisable voice of the classic Parquet Courts sound, as much as I would go to bat for ‘Master of My Craft’ or ‘Steady on My Mind’. His ragged aggression plays more into the harder-edged material as compared to Brown more droll drawl. ‘Homo Sapien’ takes a bit of screaming to pull off, so it’s no wonder Savage stepped up to the mic for it.

    The real turn, so far, is that the content from Sympathy for Life sounds like a more refined version of Parquet Court’s punk roots. After exploring dance music and a greater variety of sounds on Wide Awake!, Parquet Courts were at their highest peak as a band, hilariously making appearances in EA Sports video games and daytime television programs like Ellen.

    Sympathy for Life seems like the band are going less explicitly pop and more towards a rough version of indie rock. They still favour distortion and ragged energy, thankfully, so it’s still the recognisable Parquet Courts that we’ve all come to know and love.

    Check out the video for ‘Homo Sapien’ down below. Sympathy for Life drops on October 22.


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