Pete Townshend’s ‘Quadrophenia’ Neve console up for sale
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  • Post published:24/09/2021
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Pete Townshend’s ‘Quadrophenia’ Neve console up for sale

    If you fit some very specific criteria, boy do I have an offer for you. First, you have to be a fan of The Who. That’s a pretty large number of people, right? Second, you have to be into the history of The Who. Not losing that many yet. Third, you have to be into acquiring recording equipment. Certainly more niche, but that still includes a fair number of interested individuals. Fourth, and most importantly, you have to have $330,000 laying around.

    The folks over at Reverb are well known for their bombastic and often times bananas recording gear and music equipment acquisitions. This often takes the form of artist specific shop’s, where you too can own a guitar from Billy Corgan’s collection or an amp head from Brian Setzer if you have a couple thousand dollars in expendable income. But every once in a while, the website puts something on sale so historic and so brain-meltingly expensive that it has to be a publicity stunt.

    Not that publicity stunts are bad things! But for a website that prides itself on being the go-to world wide Guitar Center for amateurs and pros alike, it’s difficult to determine who the intended audience is for their most recent sale: Pete Townshend’s custom made 1971 Neve 8036 console.

    Not too long ago we discussed Pete Townshend’s beautiful demo recording on ‘Love Reign O’er Me’. That demo, which contained elements that were retained in the final recording of the song, was recorded on this Neve console, and the band mixed the entirety of Quadrophenia on it as well.

    That alone would make the console legendary, but once it was moved out of Townshend’s home and into first The Boathouse Studios in Twickenham and then Broadwick Street Studios is Soho, the console was used by groups including The Damned, Thin Lizzy, Souxsie and the Banshees, and Tom Waits, with the latter using it for his Mule Variations album after the console found its way to Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Northern California.

    The console has spent the past two and a half decades at that particular recording space, and owner Mark ‘Mooka’ Rennick is putting the legendary piece of equipment up for sale. Neve is one of the most heavily sought-after names in recording and engineering equipment, particularly when it comes to consoles. So if you’re looking to refurbish your home studio and are able to pick up a third of a million dollars as an expense, now is your chance.

    Oh, I forgot to mention: local pick up only. Best bring a Uhaul.


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