Phoebe Bridgers shares her fury at Austin City Limits
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  • Post published:12/10/2021
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(Credit: Seth Myers)


Phoebe Bridgers shares her fury at Austin City Limits

    LA indie starlet, Phoebe Bridgers, performed at the iconic Texas music festival, Austin City Limits, over the weekend, but Bridgers and fans were both left shocked after her set was cut off for running somewhat over time.

    Fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment. Some footage shows Bridgers and her band building up to the crescendo of ‘I Know The End’ from her 2020 record, Punisher, but then the sound gets cut off. In the same clip, Bridgers is seen continuing to play to the end of the song regardless of the sound being cut.

    The video was posted by a fan in the thread that responded to the Tweet by Bridgers herself, who in the aftermath wrote “lol fuck acl”. One fan clarified: “For people confused, she went over set time, and they cut the audio so she couldn’t play ‘I Know The End’.”

    Another fan added: “Shame on the ACL sound techs who cut off Phoebe Bridgers during the climax of her finale for only going 1 minute after her time.”

    Nashville singer-songwriter, Margo Price, also offered her support to Bridgers, she Tweeted: “Holy shit, they cut your mic?! I would have taken a piss on the stage”.

    Austin City Limits is yet to weigh in on the matter, and audiences will be keen to find out whether Bridgers’ sound was cut off intentionally or not. 

    This was the artist’s second weekend performing at the festival. The weekend prior, she played through her complete set, which of course included, ‘I Know The End’.

    It has been a busy period for Bridgers. Last week she finally released her brilliant cover of Bo Burnham’s track ‘That Funny Feeling‘, after teasing fans with it across her current US tour. Released via her Bandcamp page, all proceeds from the song will go to a host of different Texas abortion funds.

    Watch the video from Bridgers’ ACL set below.


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