Pip Blom announce second album ‘Welcome Break’
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  • Post published:21/06/2021
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Pip Blom announce second album ‘Welcome Break’

    Welcome back to Pip Blom, both the Amsterdam-based indie rock band and its namesake lead singer, who returns this week with a new track ‘Keep It Together’ and the announcement of their second studio album Welcome Break.

    Sprightly, sunny, and supremely poppy, ‘Keep It Together’ is going to be perfect for any warm summer days heading our way soon. Even as the lyrics describe doubt and uncertainty, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the song’s infectious exuberance.

    “A very important thing of all the tracks is the dynamic between Tender’s and my vocals, I feel like we really compliment each other’s tones,” Blom explains. “Maybe it’s because we’re siblings, but whatever it is, I love it.”

    “In the chorus of ‘Keep It Together’ we sing two completely different bits, but it works really well,” she continues. “Tender did a lot of singing for this record, mainly for the choruses and bridges. I really like how with this bridge you’ve got this whole choir of the two of us singing in different keys. It gives it a very dreamy vibe that is nice after the powerful chorus.”

    As a lifelong devotee of R.E.M., I can appreciate a good vocal countermelody when I hear one, and the clatteringly contradictory lines dug up by the Blom siblings are clever without being too cloying. The two sing lines that bounce off each other with an ease that can only be described as preternatural.

    Check out the video for ‘Keep It Together’, plus the full track list for Welcome Break, down below. Welcome Break is set for an October 8 release.

    Welcome Break tracklisting

    1. ‘You Don’t Want This’
    2. ’12’
    3. ‘It Should Have Been Fun’
    4. ‘Keep It Together’
    5. ‘Different Tune’
    6. ‘Not Easy To Like’
    7. ‘Faces’
    8. ‘I Love The City’
    9. ‘Easy’
    10. ‘Holiday’
    11. ‘Trouble In Paradise’


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