Pixey shares brand new single ‘Life In Stereo’
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  • Post published:02/09/2021
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Pixey shares brand new single ‘Life In Stereo’

    Pixey – ‘Life In Stereo’

    Liverpool indie-pop hero Lizzie Hillesdon, better known under her stage name Pixey, has released a new preview of her EP Sunshine State, ‘Life In Stereo’.

    “The first tune I wrote & recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool,” Hillesdon says of ‘Life In Stereo’. “I finished writing it in a day – we started the tune from scratch in the morning and I added some of my own production & finished the lyrics in the evening. I love writing about the way music makes you feel, and ‘Life In Stereo’ is exactly that. I’m surrounded by music all the time so I wanted an upbeat, uncomplicated tune about quite literally being the music.”

    Pixey has a reliable and established formula for her music: energetic beats, joyous layers of vocals, and an eternally summer-adjacent sound. The production, most of which she handles herself, is about stuffing in as much excitement and vibrancy in under three minutes as possible. Very rarely do her songs exceed this length: ‘Sunshine State’ doesn’t, and neither does ‘The Mersey Line’.

    It’s all very short, sweet, and to the point. The only downside is that her music is like the best kind of candy — gone before you know it. The lighter than air quality of her tracks make Pixey an expert in not wearing out her welcome, but it also requires you to take a deep dive to really form a solid impression. She’s a quality artist, but if you don’t really pay attention, sometimes the songs can come and go without you noticing.

    Still, that’s not an awful problem to have. It’s much better to leave your audience wanting more than to wear them out.

    ‘Life In Stereo’ has the ability to be a little too sugary if you’re not in the right mindset, but it can also be an absolute delight if you’re feeling the same way she is. Based on how much fun she seems to be having, I would highly recommend feeling the same as Pixey.

    Check out the audio for ‘Life In Stereo’ down below. Sunshine State is set for an October 29 release.


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