Pixey shares new single ‘Take Me On’
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  • Post published:26/09/2021
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(Credit: Pixey)

Pixey shares new single ‘Take Me On’

    Pixey – ‘Take Me On’

    Liverpool upstart and Far Out favourite, Pixey, has shared her latest single, ‘Take Me On’.

    Featuring breakout drums and her signature radiant exuberance, ‘Take Me On’ is the perfect balance of confrontational aggression and energetic joy. Lines like “I think you fuck with me/You’re not enough for me/You’ve had your luck with me/So carry on” sound like they could have come straight from Liam Gallagher’s Twitter, and that defiant stance gives a welcome edge to the sunny and summery vibes of Pixey’s previous material.

    “‘Take Me On’ was such a joy to write,” Pixey explains in a press release. “I started writing it in my first studio session and finished it the day after. The song is about taking back control when nobody is listening to you or taking you seriously, which I’ve definitely had to deal with a lot in the past. I’ve always wanted to write an empowering anthem with a simple hook, so I was so pleased when the song came together like it did.”

    The singles are coming fast and furious as Pixey gets closer to releasing her debut EP Sunshine State. We’ve already heard ‘Life In Stereo’ and the EP’s title track, and ‘Take Me On’ is another example of Pixey’s indelible mix of bubblegum pop, sampledelia, and indie rock.

    Her speciality so far is sub-three minute slices of life that radiate fun and unfettered optimism. That could seem grating after a while, but Pixey has found a brand new earworm for each new single. If she keeps up this pace, Sunshine State is shaping up to be a very exciting EP.

    Check out the video for ‘Take Me On’ down below. Sunshine State is set to drop on October 29.


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