POND share brand new single ‘Human Touch’
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  • Post published:05/09/2021
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(Credit: POND)

POND share brand new single ‘Human Touch’

    Australian rock band POND have released the latest preview of their aptly titled ninth studio album, 9, with the new single ‘Human Touch’.

    The song has a bananas origin story, complemented by the seemingly casual recollection from singer Nick Allbrook. “One time a woman was smashing up a car outside my house, begging me to help her steal it,” Allbrook says. “It was a lovely day. She was wired but sweet in a way. Her dog, Josie, was sitting in the passenger seat being very cute and fluffy. We talked for a good few hours in the sunny cul-de-sac and neither of us ended up committing grand theft auto. The music started with a grimy Casio loop Jay [Watson, drummer] made, that we built the song around.”

    Is this what happens in Perth? Are potential crimes turning into meet-cutes straight out of a Norah Ephron movie? It sounds like a hell of a place to be. POND are dutifully creating their own world in the land down under, but currently, they’ll have to settle for being the world’s third favourite psychedelic rock and roll band from Australia. Stiff competition, those Aussie psych-rockers are.

    The song also comes complete with an appropriately harried visualiser. “My original idea was to be dancing in the central business district of Perth, being thoroughly ignored by suits on their lunch break,” Allbrook continues. “Turns out me and [director] Duncan Wright are both quivering Fremantle natives and terrified of the city. When Duncan saw a pretty sliver of morning sunlight in the West End we figured, stuff it, let’s do it there.”

    “Zero people is kind of the same thing as being ignored by lots of people, right? I need some human connection blah blah blah. It was super fun to make. We didn’t really have a strict plan and I overcame by anxiety about dancing in platform shoes to no music at 9am on a Tuesday morning like a kook.”

    Check out the video for ‘Human Touch’ down below. 9 is set for an October 1 release.


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