Porches share new song ‘Back3School’
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Porches share new song ‘Back3School’


    Porches – ‘Back3School’

    American synth-pop singer Aaron Maine, better known under the stage name Porches, has released a brand new single, ‘Back3School’.

    Focusing on the childlike innocence of returning to school, ‘Back3School’ could have had the same naive and endearingly optimistic tone of The White Stripes track ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’. Instead, Maine takes us through a dull electronic minefield of haphazard ideas and unoriginal instrumental choices.

    “This song is a mystery to me, impending doom mixed with total bliss,” Maine explains in a press release. “The ‘back to school’ trope, but with an underlying anxiety that something might be terribly wrong, or maybe everything is just fine.”

    If he’s dreadfully confused about his own song, what hope is there for the rest of us? It would be something if the song had any kind of interesting musical additions that you hadn’t heard before, or if Maine went either sharp-witted or sardonic in his observations, but sadly neither of those is the case. Instead, we get a basic synth backing track underscoring an uninspired tale of surface-level back to school thoughts.

    At the very least, the song is pretty catchy, despite Maine’s monotone delivery. There’s just nothing particularly notable about ‘Back3School’ other than its pointlessly stupid title. You’ve heard ten songs in the past week that sound exactly like ‘Back3School’, so what’s the point?

    ‘Back3School’ is set to be featured on Porches new album All Day Gentle Hold, of which its previous singles ‘Okay’ and ‘Lately’ are actually quite good. I don’t know what happened between those and ‘Back3School’, but hopefully, the album sounds more like the former two tracks and less like the latter.

    Check out the video for ‘Back3School’ down below. All Day Gentle Hold is set to be released on October 8.


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