Porridge Radio cover The Shins song ‘New Slang’
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  • Post published:04/08/2021
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(Credit: El Hardwick)

Porridge Radio cover The Shins song ‘New Slang’

    Brighton indie rock band Porridge Radio have released a cover of The Shins’ seminal 2000s indie rock hit ‘New Slang’.

    This is the second time that Porridge Radio has gotten into the cover game as of late. Earlier this year, the band released their take on the Chicago band Love of Everything’s ‘Happy In A Crowd’. 

    ‘New Slang’ is, quite notably and infamously, the song that Natalie Portman said would change Zach Braff’s life in the 2004 film Garden State. The jury still seems to be out on whether Garden State is the insightful look at a damaged psyche or just a smug self-satisfactory mope-fest. I tend to gravitate towards the latter camp, but hey, what do I know?

    Whether it was directly because of its association with Garden State and the eternal anti-tao of Zach Braff’s directorial career, I never really connected with ‘New Slang’ and don’t particularly enjoy hearing it. I can see why people like it, even divorced from its Braff associations, but I always saw it as a slight addition to the indie rock boom of the early 2000s. But I’m glad it’s there for the people whose lives it changed.

    The single comes as part of the sixth volume of Seattle independent label Sub Pop’s Singles Collection series. A double A-side with Wolf Parade’s ‘You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son’, Porridge Radio decide to kill two early-2000s alt-rock staples with one stone. All they’re missing now is either a Modest Mouse or Death Cab For Cutie cover, and they’ll have monopolised the entire market. Or, if they want to keep the Braff connection intact, maybe spring for a Colin Hay cover? Just don’t do ‘Overkill’. We’ve heard enough of those.  

    Check out Porridge Radio’s cover of ‘New Slang’ down below.


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