Priestgate announce debut EP ‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’
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Priestgate announce debut EP ‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’


    Yorkshire rockers Priestgate have returned to announce their debut EP, Eyes Closed For The Winter. The band has given us our latest preview of the new release by sharing the EP’s title track.

    “‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’ is about how time affects us as people and how often we avoid things we’re scared to deal with,” vocalist Rob Schofield explains. “Sometimes the best medicine for this is to just close your eyes and accept that things can get a little hard at times.”

    Delicately balancing the electronic and acoustic instrumentation, ‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’ shows that the band aren’t terribly concerned with throwing out the most angular riffs, dour subject matter, or offbeat melodies. Priestgate actually care about hooks, which automatically elevates them above most of their peers.

    Genre tagging has become a surprisingly raw subject recently, with an ever-increasing number of bands looking to avoid the “post-punk” tag that is (admittedly somewhat lazily) being thrown at them by writers. Priestgate would much sooner fall into indie rock, dream pop, or even just alternative, but it just goes to show how stupid the genre name game is. Priestgate don’t have to be anything, as long as they’re good, and ‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’ is pretty damn good.

    Priestgate are still about as new as new can be. With just four songs commercially available, the band are gearing up for their second full year as a band with tour dates in support of Walt Disco and a spot within the Independent Venue Week tour, also being promoted by the likes of Deep Tan, Deadletter, and Wet Leg.

    Check out the video for ‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’, plus the EP’s tracklisting, down below. The EP is set to drop on March 25th.

    Eyes Closed For The Winter tracklisting

    1. ‘Bedtime Story’
    2. ‘Eyes Closed for the Winter’
    3. ‘Credits’
    4. ‘By the Door’

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