Prince really did beat Charlie Murphy at basketball in heels
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Prince really did beat Charlie Murphy at basketball in heels


    Back in the 2000s, Charlie Murphy revealed a tale on the Chappelle Show explaining that he once had a basketball showdown with Prince at his private condo and not only did the diminutive pop star beat him, but he beat him in heels!

    Eddie Murphy’s late brother wasn’t downhearted by the humiliating thrashing for too long, however, because right after his triumph, Prince scurried off to the kitchen and immediately made everyone some pancakes. 

    For years the story has lingered in the region of an urban myth, but when Howard Hewett of Shalamar sat down with DJ Vlad, he confirmed that the weird and wonderful tale was far from fiction. 

    Every Monday night everybody used to hang out there Rick James, Prince everybody,” Hewett told DJ Vlad. “The next day Micki [Free, former Shalamar guitarist] calls me and tells me, ‘Man we saw Short Cat up at El Privados, and they invited us up to the house, well he was with Prince. We saw Eddie and Charlie Murphy and invited them up to the house to go play.’”

    Then the tale takes a fitting Prince twist, as Hewett continues: “Listening to music and all that, Prince says, ‘You want to play some basketball?’ And Micki said ‘Man he came out cause Eddie and them basketball ready and then Prince came out in his heels.’ That boy, he can ball in heels, almost dunking. Micki told me after they got done he told me [Prince] was like, ‘I’ll make some pancakes.’”

    So there you have it, the little rock star might have only been five foot two and a half (and that half is very important when you’re only five two), but as ever, he proves that size really doesn’t matter. 

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