Prince’s awkward encounter with Boy George
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Prince’s awkward encounter with Boy George

    Prince was a notoriously prickly character, a relentlessly tricky personality to read at face value. Mystery surrounded his persona, and he leaned into it at every opportunity available, a factor that made for an awkward encounter when he first met Boy George.

    The Culture Club singer was in total awe of ‘The Purple One’, and he was full of excitement before the encounter. However, what was in store for him was bizarre even by Prince’s standards — but this somewhat strange nature played into his enigma. The singer always kept his cards close to his chest, and it didn’t matter whether he was in an interview or over dinner with a peer; Prince was always unapologetically Prince. 

    It didn’t matter if the cameras were rolling; Prince was always in his zone and living in his purple universe. He’d often pull maverick stunts over dinner in front of close friends, and even they struggled to understand precisely who Prince Rogers Neilson was underneath the mask. He didn’t trust easily, often dodging questions that revealed too much of his private life. Prince never allowed the media to get too close, a factor that only added to his allure.

    Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Boy George opened up about his encounter with ‘His Royal Badness’, and it was a meeting even more ominous than you’d suspect. “I loved Prince. I met Prince, and he didn’t speak for 15 minutes, and it was still the most iconic conversation I’ve ever had,” he explained. “I met him in Paris, and he wanted to meet me, then when I sat down he didn’t say a word, he just stared at me and I wanted the floor to swallow me. I walked away and I said, ‘well that was really interesting’. He definitely wasn’t a let down. He was completely outrageous,” the singer added.

    Sitting down with Prince while he remained silent for 15-minutes is a bone-curling thought, and the awkwardness that filled that room would send any ordinary person to the brink. However, Prince was in total control of the situation and likely did this often as a depraved way to test new people he met.

    There’s seemingly no explanation as to why you would ignore the person you’ve personally asked to meet for such a prolonged amount of time and pollute an evening from the beginning. Yet, in a twisted way, for Boy George, meeting Prince and being even stranger than he could ever imagine, making him feel even more in awe of the singer after understanding that it’s all genuine. 

    While it may have seemed from the outside like it was all a charade, stories like this suggest that the Prince we saw in public is toned down compared to Prince Rogers Neilson.


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