Radiohead’s studio discography now available on Bandcamp
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  • Post published:24/10/2021
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Radiohead’s studio discography now available on Bandcamp


    All nine of Radiohead’s studio albums to date have been made available to stream or purchase on the music website Bandcamp for the first time. 

    Back in 2013, the band pulled all of their music from Spotify after frontman Thom Yorke made the curious remark that the platform was akin to “the last desperate corpse of a dying corpse.”

    His attitude, however, seems to have changed as all the tracks have since been reinstated. However, this is the very first time the band’s entire studio discography has been made available on Bandcamp. 

    Alongside the nine studio albums is the 2001 live record I Might be Wrong, the King of Limbs remix album, In Rainbows Disk 2 and both the OK Computer rarities record and the recent Kid A Mnesia.

    Bandcamp announced the news in an Instagram post that accompanied a picture of the band with the heading: “Bandcamp is thrilled to announce that the full studio discography of pioneering UK band Radiohead has come to Bandcamp.”

    Recently, the pioneering  alt-rockers revealed a new music video for their archive track ‘If You Say The Word’. 

    Directed by Kasper Häggström, the video follows the sinister business of two men who pluck forest-dwellers and transport them to the grey climes of London, where they are forced into a life of monotony, continually unable to adapt to their new surroundings.

    You can check it out below. 

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