Remi Wolf release two new songs, ‘Guerilla’ and ‘Sexy Villain’
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(Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk)

Remi Wolf release two new songs, ‘Guerilla’ and ‘Sexy Villain’

    California’s new R&B pop queen Remi Wolf has released two new singles from her upcoming debut album Juno, ‘Guerilla’ and ‘Sexy Villain’.

    Wolf’s signature style is a laid back and funky blend of indie-pop and R&B, exemplified by her previously-released single ‘Liz’. That style took a left turn on the album’s first preview, ‘Quiet On Set’, which was more of an early 2000s rap song than a groovy soul-infused track. ‘Guerilla’ and ‘Sexy Villain’ ease back into the familiar styles that Wolf is known for.

    ‘Guerilla’ has ties to dancehall and indie rock, coming complete with fuzzy lead guitar lines and loopy sound effects. At one point the song drops out into lo-fi quasi-elevator music, a goofy left turn from an artist who’s never been afraid to get a little strange. Remi affects a sort of patois that hits and misses in equal measure, but when she pulls it all back and actually sings with the beat, it’s a reminder of why she’s one of music’s hottest young new talents.

    ‘Sexy Villain’ is much closer to the R&B-funk-soul sweet spot that Wolf excels at. Layers of harmonies and a slow-burning backbeat add up to a killer indie-pop delight. Wolf’s hyperactive side isn’t as indelible as her slower, more mellow grooves, and it’s when she lets everything breathe in her arrangements that often yield some absolutely killer tunes.

    Check out the videos for ‘Guerilla’ and ‘Sexy Villain’ down below. Juno is set for an October 15 release.


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