Richie Quake shares new EP ‘Voyager’
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  • Post published:02/07/2021
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(Credit: Richie Quake)

Richie Quake shares new EP ‘Voyager’

    Richie Quake – ‘Voyager’ EP

    Brooklyn singer-songwriter Rickie Quake has released his latest EP, Voyager.

    Quake is not shy to show off on Voyager, whether it’s on the falsetto-led ‘Waiting for Your Turn to Speak’ or the atmospheric funk of the EP’s title track. Favouring vintage synths and disco beats, Quake lies somewhere in the in-betweens on indie pop and R&B, bringing soul and salacious fun to both genres.

    Style over substance is a major factor in whether music has staying power or not. Voyager is stylish to the nth degree, filled with smooth-as-hell vocals and even smoother transitions between songs, like the fade in-and-out of ‘Sensitive’ and ‘Never See You’. Luckily, Quake’s deft lyrical ability and ear for sparse arrangements confirm the time, effort, and care put into his work.

    I wasn’t sold on Voyager at first, but as it kept rolling along, I realised that it was only getting better and better. The subterranean vitriol of ‘Never See You’, the fantastic guitar solo on ‘Afterglow’, and the intricate layers of vocals that personify the “ghost” on ‘Rush’ are elaborate touches that make Quake’s musical and arranging ability singular and elevated assets.

    If Voyager was a full-length release, it would begin to thin out under its own sameness. If there’s one complaint, it’s that Quake goes past the point of crafting a unique sound and into a place where the songs can begin to all sound the same. Thankfully, Quake keeps the runtime to a sprightly sub-20 minutes, letting the material make its mark without sticking around for too long.

    What Voyager ultimately accomplishes is providing a strong argument for why Richie Quake should remaking waves in the first place: the EP confirms his talent as a singer, musician, and songwriter, and elevates him above the hundreds of thousands of indie pop artists who are vying for the public’s attention.

    Check out the Voyager EP down below.


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