Ringo Starr drops legal case with ‘Ring O’ sex toys
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  • Post published:28/06/2021
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(Credit: Takahiro Kyono)

Ringo Starr drops legal case with ‘Ring O’ sex toys

    As a member of The Beatles, it is fair to assume that Ringo Starr got a crash course in business studies. It had meant he’s not often missed the opportunity to protect his assets, especially when the makers of a sex toy called a ‘Ring O’ started manufacturing their new product.

    Ringo had previously trademarked his name and took umbrage with the toy, which had also been awarded a trademark, arguing that the similarity to his name would enable the manufacturers to move more units. It had been set for a lengthy legal battle, but it has now been dropped by the drummer.

    The basis of the case came when Ringo argued that his reputation would be damaged if the toy was given a US trademark. The complaint has now been withdrawn after a settlement with the company was reached.

    The drummer’s lawyers had initially argued that the sex toy brand was “identical in appearance, sound, connotation and pronunciation” to his own name, breaching his own trademark.

    His legal team filed documents in 2019 which stated: “Consumers will likely believe that Opposer’s [Ringo Starr’s] newest venture is sex toys – and this is an association that Opposer does not want.”

    There has now been an agreement with Pacific Holdings and Momentum Management, who make the toy in which they have agreed to “avoid any activity likely to lead to confusion”. The deal sees the brand agree to only use the name for sex toys and sprays and ensure space remains between the Ring and O.

    The group have also agreed to avoid any connotations to the Beatles drummer as well as promising not to “degrade, tarnish or deprecate or disparage” his name.


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