Robert Smith says The Cure’s next album “could be their last”
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  • Post published:16/06/2021
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Robert Smith says The Cure’s next album “could be their last”

    The Cure’s Robert Smith has been discussing the future of the band, admitting that their eagerly anticipated new album could well be the final effort from the collective group.

    The follow up to the 2008 record 4:13 Dream, which was previously described by frontman Smith as “so dark” and “incredibly intense”, has been in the works for a number of months as the band add the finishing touches to the record.

    Discussing the content of the album during an interview with The Sunday Times, Smith said: “The new Cure stuff is very emotional. It’s 10 years of life distilled into a couple of hours of intense stuff,” he commented, adding: “And I can’t think we’ll ever do anything else. I definitely can’t do this again.”

    Adding: “I must admit, I’ve struggled more with finishing the words to these new Cure recordings than at any other point. We recorded 20-odd song and I wrote nothing. I mean, I wrote a lot, but at the end, I looked at it and thought, ‘This is rubbish’.

    “The difficulty is I’ve become such a harsh critic of myself I think ‘Who’s going to be interested in that?’”

    More recently, when speaking with Apple Music, Smith said: “Probably in about six weeks’ time I’ll be able to say when everything’s coming out and what we’re doing next year and everything…We were doing two albums and one of them is very, very doom and gloom and the other one isn’t.”

    Previously speaking about the album in more detail, Smith said: “The lyrics I’ve been writing for this album, for me personally, are more true. They’re more honest. That’s probably why the album itself is a little bit more doom and gloom.”

    The frontman continued: “I feel I want to do something that expresses the darker side of what I’ve experienced over the last few years – but in a way that will engage people. Some of the albums like ‘Pornography’ and ‘Disintegration’ are kind of relentless. I levelled ‘Disintegration’ with some songs like ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Lovesong’, but I think this one is more like ‘Pornography’ because it hasn’t got any of those songs that lighten the mood at all.”


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