Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its first Beatles exhibit
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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces its first Beatles exhibit

    Discussion of the world’s biggest band, The Beatles, reached a new high in contemporary times when Disney+ released the mammoth documentary Get Back in November 2021. 

    A glorious time portal back to the days when Liverpool’s favourite sons were winding down, recording their twelfth and final album, Let It Be, it shone new light on their final days, and dispelled many long-running myths, including the one that it John Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, who solely ruined the band. 

    The film, put together using previously unseen archive footage by Peter Jackson, the man behind The Lord of the Rings movies, is perhaps the most candid display of the Fab Four that we’ve ever seen. There’s no hyperbole, no myth, just four friends recording their incredible final album before sailing off into the sunset. 

    Years worth of baseless claims are put to bed in what seems like an instant, and at many points, even for those who weren’t around at the time, the nostalgia is so tangible that it brings a tear to the eye. 

    Given that the film was such a resounding success, the music world has sought to capitalise on its new display of The Beatles. Yesterday, on January 31st, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its first-ever special Beatles exhibit, entitled ‘The Beatles: Get Back to Let It Be’. It will run from March 18th through to November this year. 

    ⁠A post on The Beatles Instagram page, also posted yesterday, read: “An immersive, interactive complement to Peter Jackson’s Get Back docuseries, the multimedia exhibit will welcome visitors to step into The Beatles’ January 1969 rehearsals, sessions, and rooftop performance with original instruments, clothing, handwritten lyrics and other unique items”.

    ⁠It concluded: “Special events will be hosted by Rock Hall during the exhibit’s run. Screenings, panels and virtual Q&As will be announced throughout the year.” 

    More details on the exhibition are to be released, but for music lovers, this is sure to be one of the highlights of 2022. 

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