Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever return with new single and announce new album
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  • Post published:05/02/2022
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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever return with new single and announce new album

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘The Way It Shatters’

    Australian rockers Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have announced details of their third studio album, Endless Rooms. News of the new record came via the band dropping the stellar new single, ‘The Way It Shatters’. 

    A heady, and slightly off-kilter piece of alt-rock, there are flecks of the band’s compatriots Psychedelic Porn Crumpets that can be heard in the clean guitars. As for the somewhat dissonant keyboard line, the band enter territory that’s not dissimilar from Microcastle-era Deerhunter. 

    The song is one of the band’s fullest sounding tracks to date. It’s dynamic, catchy, and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Big shout out to the bassline as Joe Russo shines, carrying the track with his direct work, allowing all the other floating parts to bounce off him, and take it to different heights.  

    The track is also accompanied by a surreal music video by Nick Mckk. The director previously worked with the band on their videos for cuts from their second album, Sideways To New Italy, ‘Cameo’, ‘Cars In Space’ and ‘She’s There’. The video for ‘The Way It Shatters’ is a little unnerving, and from a statement by Mckk in a press release, it’s a take on the Groundhog Day concept. 

    “The new album has a nighttime feeling, so we wanted to explore shooting the whole thing from sundown,” he said. “Fran (Keaney, vocals/guitar) had the idea of revisiting memories, of resetting groundhog day style, but each time we come back the world is a little different. The attraction of light works as a narrative device, coaxing Joe into this house of memories, and back out again.”

    Endless Rooms is set for release on May 6th via Sub Pop / Ivy League. The band have described the follow-up to 2020′ Sideways To New Italy as themselves “doing what (they) do best: chasing down songs in a room together”.

    Watch the video for ‘The Way It Shatters’ below.

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