Rolo Tomassi take a solemn turn with new single ‘Closer’
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Rolo Tomassi take a solemn turn with new single ‘Closer’


    Rolo Tomassi – ‘Closer’

    Where Myth Becomes Memory is the sort of album title that hints heavily at the direction that Rolo Tomassi are likely to take the music. It proves to be an aloof epithet that the misty sound of the solemn new single ‘Closer’ certainly backs up.

    Humming into view like a figure through a mirage, the ambient overture of the dreamy intro is met with a few sparse harmonic piano notes then the uplift of some jangly guitar and Eva Korman calls out, “Where to Begin?” Thereafter the ambient indie-pop unfurls towards its closing hum once more. 

    In a press release, keyboardist James Spence explained the logic behind ‘Closer’. “We wanted to show a completely different side to the record by releasing this single. The album is full of lighter, more gentle moments to contrast the darker side to it and none more so than this.”

    The opening refrain hints at the circular nature of the song which stretched beyond the melodic structure and enters the lyrics too. As Korman explains: “The narrative side to the video is about the constant cycle of change. For better or worse, we take our past experiences with us into constantly evolving new beginning.”

    However, in contrast to that, the song itself is not something that approaches an evolving sound or any new beginnings. While certainly dreamy, it does sound a little bit derivative and dated—more of a recurring dream than a new lucid punch-up. Nevertheless, there is plenty to be enjoyed for ardent fans of ‘swelling sounds’ as crisp production brings the piece home pleasantly. 

    Where Myth Becomes Memory is due for release on February 4th via MNRK, and the song joins the records previous releases ‘Drip’ and ‘Cloaked’. It will be the band’s first new album in four years and thereafter they will head off on a UK and European tour. 

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