Ryan Adams begs for a “second chance” after the collapse of his career
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  • Post published:30/07/2021
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(Credit: Drew de F Fawkes)

Ryan Adams begs for a “second chance” after the collapse of his career

    Ryan Adams, the indie musician who has faced multiple abuse allegations made against him, has pleaded for a second chance in the music industry as his career spirals into obscurity.

    As part of a detailed expose published through the New York Times in February 2019, several women made allegations of abuse against Adams. One of the women involved in that report was singer and artist Phoebe Bridgers as well as his ex-wife of ten years Mandy Moore.

    Many of the disturbing claims made against the record producer suggested that he would often dangle to the carrot of success, offering to assist the women with their music careers before quickly pursued the women sexually.

    Last month, as he took to social media to grieve the death of his cat, Theo, Adams suggested he was in turmoil following the allegations, writing: “I have no record deal. I’m kinda broke. I have no friends,” he said, adding: If ANYBODY CAN HELP ME…please. I would love to make albums. Or just own a home (I don’t own a home). This is stupid. I miss Theo. I’m mad. I’ve had enough,” he continued in the now-deleted post.

    While Adams’ pleas were dismissed earlier in the month, the musician has again taken to social media to ask for forgiveness: “I know I’m damaged goods. I know I am and they aren’t the ideal thing, but I had a label interested for months and they wasted my time. I’m months from losing my label, studio and my home,” he said in a social media post which has again been deleted.

    “I just really want a second chance to make some music — maybe help other people believe you can get up out of the gutter and be something. I’m 46 and scared I’m gonna be living in my sisters basement. If you are a label and interested please let me know,” he added.

    After facing criticism, Adams then added that his post on social media “sent with love and humility. I already got dropped by Capitol twice. Maybe someone still cares.”

    Again, adding: “Please if someone takes a chance on me and this music I’ll bust my ass to support it. Sorry to sound desperate.”

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