Shame share new festive single ‘Baldur’s Gate’
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  • Post published:12/12/2021
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Credit: Shame


Shame share new festive single ‘Baldur’s Gate’


    ‘Tis the season for offbeat holiday songs, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s being able to celebrate Christmas without feeling my skin crawl from ever repeat playing of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’.

    That’s why I’m thrilled to have a new left of centre holiday tune to add into my ever-evolving alternative Christmas playlist: ‘Baldur’s Gate’, courtesy of South London’s favourite band of festive post-punks, Shame.

    Frontman Charlie Steen doesn’t mince words when it comes to describing the track. “It’s another Christmas classic,” Steen brags. “It’s about a period of time in which I’d regularly be trekking up to the streets of Edinburgh to see an ex-partner. These are some of the thoughts I’d have when I’d be leaving Waverley station, en route back to London in the winter nights.”

    Just like the respective versions of ‘Winter’ by The Rolling Stones and Tori Amos, along with Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’, ‘Baldur’s Gate’ is the perfect kind of Christmas song: the one where the Xmas season is just a backdrop for a less holly-jolly sort of story.

    It’s a good time for non-Christmas specific Christmas songs. Just the other day, we got Beach Bunny’s woe-filled new holiday classic ‘Christmas Caller’. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned – any ability I have to avoid Wham! and Mariah this year, I will take and run with it.

    Check out the audio for ‘Baldur’s Gate’ down below.

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