Shelter Boy and Boy Pablo release new song ‘Terrace’
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Shelter Boy and Boy Pablo release new song ‘Terrace’

    Shelter Boy – ‘Terrace’ (ft. Boy Pablo)

    German newcomer Shelter Boy has paired up with fellow muchacho Boy Pablo for his latest single ‘Terrace’.

    Do you hear that sound? The one that kicks off the song after the bass intro? The one that sounds a hell of a lot like the main riff in Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’. It’s the same P-Funk Moog-adjacent kind of sound that’s actually a Fender Telecaster with some added effects (at least in ‘Redbone’), all rubbery and synthetic yet sonically pleasing and indelibly cool.

    I don’t know what Shelter Boy used to produce that similar tone, but the second you hear it, you know you’re in for a funky, smooth R&B jam. We’ve been classically conditioned.

    “When I finished the first verse in the summer, I immediately thought that the combination of the two of us would be a good fit,” Shelter Boy says. “We talked about it in September, then it took a while, but then his part came – and I think he delivered pretty strong! Nico put a lot into the track and I’m very, very proud of that.”

    It’s a true duet: trading verses, Shelter Boy and Boy Pablo both get to shine in equal measure as they ruminate on simpler times and careless thoughts. Comfort and love are major themes, as if this terrace is an oasis away from the real world’s problems.

    Anyone who has that person, or that specific place, that they turn to when the outside world gets a little bit too heavy can certainly relate.

    Check out the audio for ‘Terrace’, along with the track listing for Failure Familiar, down below.

    Failure Familiar track listing:

    1. Calm Me Down
    2. Terrace (feat. boy pablo)
    3. When I’m In The Dumps She Says
    4. I Stand With You
    5. Atmosphere
    6. Gazeback
    7. Forever You’ll Be Known 
    8. Concealer
    9. Absence
    10. Failure Familiar
    11. I Can Be Sad


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