Sinead O’Connor makes second U-turn on retirement from music: “We had a great adventure”
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(Credit: Bryan Ledgard)

Sinead O’Connor makes second U-turn on retirement from music: “We had a great adventure”

    Sinead O’Connor’s attempts to retire from the music industry are beginning to look like a dieters battle with deleting the fast-food delivery app. All within the space of a few weeks she has retired, announced a comeback, and retired once again, and unlikely the boxers who often pull such stunts, she doesn’t even have a fight to promote. 

    The singer took to social media to announce the retirement-reversal-reversal stating that she was still in “two minds” about the decision but has decided to pursue a writing career over music. 

    “This is to announce that having been in two minds about retiring I have now, in consultation with my medical team, and on their advice, decided to go ahead and retire so that I may now focus on my new career as a writer,” wrote O’Connor.

    Her statement then turned towards the political as she said that she has fought against “the intellectually Lilliputian far right” in Ireland throughout her life and that “foreign residents in this country [Ireland]” saved her life. 

    The statement continued to say that far-right groups were besieging Ireland, writing: “Their online activities are demeaning and damaging to the people of Ireland. And to all foreign residents and visitors. And what is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.”

    She concluded, “I will be closing my Twitter page in the next few days to enjoy being a private citizen. And enjoy my new life as a writer. I sincerely thank my fans for the love they’ve shown me down the years, as well as my co-workers. We’ve had a great adventure, now it’s time for the next one.”

    She will depart the music industry with one final album, No Veteran Dies Alone, due for release in 2022.


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