sir Was shares new song ‘Spend a Lifetime’
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  • Post published:26/05/2021
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(Credit: sir Was)

sir Was shares new song ‘Spend a Lifetime’

    sir Was – ‘Spend a Lifetime’

    Swedish indie-pop project sir Was, the nom de plume for producer and musician Joel Wästberg, has released their latest single, ‘Spend a Lifetime’.

    Swirling synths and hazy vocal lines reminiscent of Currents-era Tame Impala, ‘Spend a Lifetime’ is an electronic ode to grabbing life by the balls and living in the now: “I would spend a lifetime planning to be brave/Time is running out how long you gonna wait.”

    For any reasonable human being, the creeping anxiety of constant ageing and the possibility that you’ll never be able to do all the things you have set out to accomplish can be a somewhat tricky topic to build an upbeat pop song around, but Wästberg creates an arrangement that bubbles with exhalations and exuberance, never once being bogged down by the heaviness of lines like, “Some things die some things survive/One more night trying to get by.”

    The decision to take what’s yours is, ultimately, up to you. At least according to Was: “Couldn’t play the part I guess that is all/Need to break the pattern once and for all/Are you tearing down or building a wall/You’re the only one deciding that’s all.” As the song reaches its “tiptoeing through life” coda, the dense instrumentation starts to fall away piece by piece until a dead stop leaves you to answer all the proposed questions on your own time. Was doesn’t profess to have any concrete answers, but like any good guide or guru, is here to set you on your path to enlightenment.

    That path, as it turns out, is littered with bright keyboard runs and indelible melodies. If every existential crisis sounded like this much fun, I guess we’d all be interrogating our own narratives a little bit more often.

    Check out the official audio for ‘Spend a Lifetime’ down below.


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