Sneaker Pimps announce new album ‘Squaring the Circle’
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  • Post published:27/05/2021
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(Credit: Sneaker Pimps)

Sneaker Pimps announce new album ‘Squaring the Circle’

    Trip-hop originators Sneaker Pimps have announced the release of their fourth studio album Squaring the Circle, the group’s first in nearly two decades.

    The group reformed all the way back in 2016, but had yet to perform or release any new music before the announcement of Squaring the Circle. The album will be the first to feature new vocalist Simonne Jones, who replaces classic-era vocalist Kelli Ali, with whom the band acrimoniously split with in 1998.

    Sneaker Pimps hit it big in the electronic boom of the late ’90s. Their debut LP, 1996’s Becoming X, was a fascinating amalgam of different styles and genres, positioning the band as leaders in a new push of popular music. The unfortunate side effect of riding the cutting edges that it’s nearly impossible to stay on the cutting edge.

    After Ali’s firing, the group decided to forgo any trend-chasing and instead focused their energy on an out-of-time mix of elastic beats and psychedelia in the form of 1999’s Splinter. While ambitious and applaud-worthy, the new record failed to capture the zeitgeist once again and the band began to… well, splinter.

    2002’s Bloodsport found the band out of its depth, rehashing most of its older stylistic flourishes. The band flamed out while attempting to make its fourth album, which never got passed the demo stage of production.

    Main contributors Chris Corner and Liam Howe haven’t exactly been quiet since, with Corner heading up the dark synthy IAMX collective while Howe found work as an in-demand producer for the likes of Marina and Lana Del Rey. Now that the two are crossing paths once again, it will be interesting to see whether their signature blend of sounds gets a modern makeover or not.

    Check out the teaser clip for Squaring the Circle, which is set to be released on July 9, down below.


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