Sold-out music festival, Kendal Calling, cancelled for 2021
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  • Post published:21/06/2021
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(Credit: Leeds Festival)

Sold-out music festival, Kendal Calling, cancelled for 2021

    Kendall Calling has established itself as a fixture in the British music festival calendar drawing legions of music fans to the Lake District every year. This year it proved no different, managing to sell out the festival despite the uncertainty. However, the organisers have now sadly had to pull the plug on this event. 

    Citing a lack of guidance by the government, organisers have had to take the “heartbreaking” decision to scrap the event, which was due to commence on July 29th for the weekend. 

    “Last Monday saw the delay of the so-called ‘Freedom Day’,” the organisers announced in a statement regarding the setback to June 21st planned end of restrictions, “As Kendal Calling sits outside of this delay we would still be in a strong position to proceed.”

    However, they then added: “But Monday also saw a less publicised delay; the release of the long-awaited research from the Event Research Programme (ERP) pilot events, which would inform the publication of crucial new safety guidance on how we run events.”

    Before concluding, “Without this safety guidance, there are numerous aspects of the festival we cannot plan, and which could lay us wide open to last minute unforeseen regulations or requirements we may be required to adhere to, any of which could scupper an already built festival.”

    Last week, The Music Venue Trust pressed home the importance that government funding is distributed swiftly and plans are announced immediately to ensure there are no further “delays and bureaucracy that has beset previous rounds of this fund”.

    Adding: “The decision to continue to limit cultural activities as a specific and extraordinary measure which, it is stated, will contain the spread of the Delta variant stands in stark contrast to how the government is approaching restrictions and containment overall.”

    It would seem that these reassurances were not affirmed soon enough for Kendal Calling. The festival will now take place from July 28 to July 31 2022, with the festival reaching out to existing ticket holders with options moving forward. 


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