SPINN announce new LP alongside latest song ‘Stargazing’
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  • Post published:01/10/2021
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(Credit: Barnaby Fairley)

SPINN announce new LP alongside latest song ‘Stargazing’

    Liverpool’s best indie-pop group, SPINN, have announced their sophomore LP, Outside of the Blue, and have released the album’s first single ‘Stargazing’.

    SPINN’s unadorned and unapologetic penchant for pop hooks and breezy melodies is sure to put some off. Their sticky sweet songs definitely have the possibility to give you a toothache, especially you want any kind of edge with your guitar-based rock music. These guys are not afraid to lean as close to the “pop” side of “indie pop” as possible.

    This would be a problem if the songs weren’t as good as they are. As it stands, SPINN continuously toes the line between catchy sing-alongs and boilerplate pop schlock, but every time I just can’t help finding myself tapping along and eventually getting the songs stuck in my head. That’s what happened with ‘The Things She Says To Me’ and ‘Daydreaming’, and it’s what’s happening with ‘Stargazing’ as well. It’s enough to crack my curmudgeonly and sceptical exterior, and I’m always happy to hear these lads continuing to come out on the right side of that tricky balancing act.

    “It’s about this woman who is a vampire in this really rough fictional town in Iran called ‘Bad Town’,” says frontman Johnny Quinn. “She basically goes around and kills all the drug dealers and shit, but then she falls in love with this guy who looks like James Dean.”

    “I don’t really cover that aspect in the song, but I just liked the way the person doing all the gory killing in the film was actually a woman. It’s so different to the sort of traditional horror films, where it’s always the woman getting chased by the big bad man. The majority of my favourite horror films are set in the early ’80s so that’s why it has such an ’80s style sound.”

    Hey man, whatever gets us through the night. Outside of the Blue follows the band’s Daydreaming EP released earlier this year, with the three songs comprising that release set to be featured on Outside of the Blue as well. In the time between the band’s self-titled debut LP in 2019 and Outside of the Blue, the band welcomed new lead guitarist Luke Brickett to join Quinn, bassist Sean McLachlan and drummer Louis O’Reilly.

    Check out the audio for ‘Stargazing’, plus the new album’s tracklisting, down below. Outside of the Blue is set for a November 5 release.

    Outside of the Blue tracklisting:

    1 – ‘Hello’
    2 – ‘Daydreaming’
    3 -‘I Believe In Love’
    4 – ‘Stargazing’
    5 – ‘Outside Of The Blue’
    6 – ‘Getaway’
    7 – ‘Sweet Like Honey’
    8 – ‘People Should Know Better’
    9 – ‘The Things She Said To Me’
    10 – ‘Billie’
    11 – ‘The Outside Looking In’


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