Spiritualized drop brand new single ‘Crazy’
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  • Post published:12/01/2022
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Spiritualized drop brand new single ‘Crazy’


    Spiritualized – ‘Crazy’

    English shoegaze gods Spiritualized have dropped their first new song of 2022: the overtly country-tinged ‘Crazy’.

    The slow-burning ballad is about as forthright and heartfelt as lead singer Jason Pierce has ever allowed himself to be on record. The arrangement sounds like it’s right out of Bakersfield: pedal steel guitar, high strung acoustic guitars and even a choir of voices that lift the song’s chorus into the stratosphere.

    The only egregious oversight: stop naming songs ‘Crazy’. It’s been done! We have enough ‘Crazy’ songs! It was overdone when Gnarles Barkley took their ‘Crazy’ to number one and that was a solid 15 years ago. Music does not need any more ‘Crazy’ songs. Call it anything else: call it ‘Out of My Mind’, or ‘Mind’s All Messed Up Over You’, or literally anything else.

    So, obviously, the country-influenced track and song title are both allusions to Patsy Cline and her own ‘Crazy’, penned by Willie Nelson. I refuse to believe otherwise because that would make Pierce stupefyingly ignorant of one of the most famous songs of all time, and Pierce has always been happy to add sly nods to genres outside of his own reverb-heavy style. He’s a musician’s musician, so when he goes country, he’s smart enough to go right to the top of the mountain.

    ‘Crazy’ comes as the second single from the band’s upcoming ninth studio album, Everything Was Beautiful, after ‘Always Together With You’ was dropped last year. The new album will be Spiritualized’s first new LP since 2018’s And Nothing Hurt.

    Although the band are undoubtedly centred around Pierce and Pierce alone, the current lineup has been stable for over a decade now, having cranked out awesome spacey material together since 2012’s Sweet Heart Sweet Light.

    Check out the video for ‘Crazy’ down below. Everything Was Beautiful is set for a February 25th release.

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