Spotify launches ‘What’s New’ function
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  • Post published:29/07/2021
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Spotify launches ‘What’s New’ function

    Spotify has added a ‘What’s New’ feature to the service. It allows users to never miss a new release from their favourite artists.

    The global streaming giant will initiate the function for Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. The news comes via an announcement on Spotify’s website released on Monday (July 26). “Soon, you’ll never miss a new release again,” Spotify declared.

    The ‘What’s New’ addition will be accessible via a new bell style icon at the top of Spotify’s ‘Home’ tab. The announcement revealed that a blue dot will appear when new songs or podcasts are uploaded by accounts users follow.

    “What’s New also includes filters that allow you to sort for new music releases or new podcast and show episodes, helping you find what you’re looking for more quickly,” the official announcement explains.

    “Looking to add more content to your What’s New feed? Simply head over to your favourite artist and show pages and tap ‘Follow’ in order to have their new releases appear in your What’s New feed over time.”

    The cutting edge element of the feature is that the feed will be updated in real-time, allowing users to “listen to new content just as it’s released”. The news follows the trend of Spotify’s recent glow-up. Last month the service launched the new ‘Greenroom’ feature, a live audio platform in the vein of Clubhouse et al. This followed the Swedish tech giant March acquisition of Betty Labs, the company behind audio app Locker Room.

    Spotify’s meteoric rise and domination of the music streaming market has not gone unnoticed. In June, it was revealed that movie-streaming titan Netflix is producing a new series documenting the rise of Spotify and its journey in revolutionising the music industry.

    Reports state that it will be a six-part series focusing on Swedish entrepreneur and Spotify mastermind, Daniel Ek. It will show that a key feature of Spotify’s success was offering free, legally streamed music to users.

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