Spotify reveals the most popular TV soundtracks of all time
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(Credit: Netflix)

Spotify reveals the most popular TV soundtracks of all time

    We’ve all been there: you’re watching a series a tune catches your ear but Shazam is out of reach and the long battle with Spotify to find the song begins. Whether it’s the new wave nostalgia of Stranger Things soaring synths or classy compilation curated for Big Little Lies, there is no doubting TV’s impact on listening habits.

    Now, Freesat has compiled a list of the play numbers for the soundtracks of our most beloved series, simply for our interest and perusal. They analysed over 100 show soundtracks on Spotify and have now presented the results. 

    With Stranger Things’ return on the horizon, showrunners will be pleased to know that it remains as popular as ever even in a music sense, as it tops the list with a whopping five billion plays.

    Elsewhere, folks are clearly revelling in the nostalgia of their youth with One Tree Hill taking second place. The teen basketball series features iconic tracks from Gavin DeGraw and Jimmy Eat World, but for my money, The O.C. soundtrack, which sits in fifth place, was always superior. 

    You can check out the full top ten in the list below. 

    The most popular TV soundtracks on Spotify

    1. Stranger Things – 5 billion plays
    2. One Tree Hill – 1.7 billion plays
    3. This Is Us – 1.3 billion plays
    4. Game Of Thrones – 1 billion plays
    5. The O.C. – 958 million plays
    6. Big Little Lies – 860 million plays
    7. Orange Is The New Black – 857 million plays
    8. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – 709 million plays
    9. Euphoria – 544 million plays
    10. Empire – 476 million plays

    Theme songs, however, were another issue entirely.

    While surely less discernible owing to the fact that many people listening to tracks like ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’, will have no idea that it is linked to Supernatural, the results are still interesting. 

    See below.

    The ten most listened to TV theme songs on Spotify:

    1. Supernatural – ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ – 363 million plays
    2. One Tree Hill – ‘I Don’t Want to Be’ – 142 million plays
    3. Friends – ‘I’ll Be There For You’ – 138 million plays
    4. The O.C. – ‘California’ – 99.3 million plays
    5. Big Little Lies – ‘Cold Little Heart’ – 60.4 million plays
    6. Game Of Thrones – ‘Main Title’ – 46.6 million plays
    7. Stranger Things – ‘Stranger Things’ – 46 million plays
    8. Orange Is The New Black – ‘You’ve Got Time’ – 28.6 million plays
    9. Westworld – ‘Main Title Theme’ – 26.3 million plays
    10. Band of Brothers – ‘Main Titles’ – 22.3 million plays


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