Stereolab’s Lætitia Sadier returns with dreamy new offering ‘New Moon’
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  • Post published:23/10/2021
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Stereolab’s Lætitia Sadier returns with dreamy new offering ‘New Moon’

    Lætitia Sadier – ‘New Moon’

    Stereolab’s Lætitia Sadier has returned with a new song titled ‘New Moon’. 

    Released last week, the track is taken from her forthcoming and currently untitled new album which is set for release at some point in 2022 via Duophonic Super 45s and Drag City. ‘New Moon’ is her first offering of solo material since her 2017 album Find Me Finding You, which came under the moniker of the Lætitia Sadier Source Ensemble.

    A wondrous journey, it’s an experimental track that features varying dynamics, taking cues from bossa nova as well as more standard guitar music. The song is a gorgeously produced offering, that at the start sounds just like the electronic jazz of Stereolab’s 1997 masterpiece Dots and Loops.

    Aside from the obvious Stereolab elements of the sound, there’s also Amnesiac era Radioheadthe Stories from the City sound of PJ Harvey, and they all combine to create a trancelike sound that has you wanting to press repeat as soon as her phase drenched guitar fades out.

    Sadier starts the song with the clean tones of her Fender Jazzmaster and using her minor jazz 7ths she transports us to one of the smoky jazz clubs of her native Paris. Sonically, it’s a bit of a juxtaposition.

    The song builds, but none of the instrumentation is over the top. The brilliance of it is that although across its four-minute duration, the sound expands and pulls you into a swirling crescendo much in the way Radiohead’s ‘Pyramid Song’ does. The key to the song’s build-up is the drums, the grand rolls of the snares bring it to its climax while the textures fill in the space.

    The textures are fantastic. This is unsurprising, as we have to remember this is Lætitia Sadier from Stereolab. This is her forte. After a couple of listens, you could say that ‘New Moon’ doesn’t really diverge from the Stereolab formula drastically. This is not a bad thing though, Stereolab are, of course, incredible.

    What the track does serve to do is put Sadier’s voice front and centre. Due to the production, which we would posit was recorded live, you realise just how much of a beautiful voice the Stereolab legend has. It’s almost as if the production on the Stereolab records does not do her voice justice, or on the other hand, her voice has got better with age. 

    Melodic, dreamy and catchy, there’s nothing to dislike about Lætitia Sadier’s latest offering. It has us hotly anticipating her upcoming record.

    Watch the trippy video for ‘New Moon’ below.

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