Stevie Nicks reflects on her defining album ‘Bella Donna’
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  • Post published:30/07/2021
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Credit: Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks reflects on her defining album ‘Bella Donna’

    Stevie Nicks has shared her reflections on her debut album, Bella Donna, following the 40th anniversary of its release.

    The legendary singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share an excerpt from her journal to discuss the album which saw her team up with Lor Perry-Nicks and Sharon Celani in a bid to form the antithesis of Fleetwood Mac and something more akin to a female Crosby, Stills and Nash. 

    In the except Nicks writes: “[The title track was written] about my boyfriend’s mother who was involved with a man in Chile during the coup that happened there in 1973.”

    Adding: “The man she loved was banished to France. Banished or imprisoned, that was the choice. The love story never really ended – but she never saw him again.

    “I was so touched by this story of lost love that I wrote ‘Bella Donna’ – the moment the poem and then the song was finished, I knew I had the basis for my first solo record.”

    Before poignantly concluding: “It was ours – it defined how I would feel about love forever. It broke my heart and gave me the strength to fight for it. It was a fine line to walk between love and hate and passion and the girls and I loved it. We never looked back.”

    The rousing song and album as a whole is a gem in Nicks ever-amassing canon of work, but on this occasion, it notably set her apart as a force in her own right. 

    You can read her full emotive post on the subject in full below. 


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